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cash for goldWe provide consumers with the most generous payments in the business for their unwanted gold, scrap gold, broken gold, Gold & Silver Bullion. Platinum Group Metals, Sterling Flatware, Sterling Servingware, Sterling Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, and so on. If you want Top Payments for Gold, then you've come to the right place. We give you alot more return than any other gold buyer will. So if you are selling gold, selling silver, selling platinum, selling coins, selling bullion, or selling diamonds, you need to come to CT Gold Buyers® to sell your valuables the right way! We are often imitated so be certain you are dealing with us. We have only one location in 605 Washington Avenue, North Haven, Connecticut 06473


cash for goldWhy gamble when selling your valuables. You should benefit from the high precious metals prices too. Never sell your precious metals for less than the original CT Gold Buyer will pay you. Our prices are right on our home page so you can always determine how much you'll get from CT gold Buyers®. Choose CT Gold Buyers® and you will be satisfied with our exceptional service and famously high payments. Choosing us makes you wealthier and the predatory gold buyers poorer. There is absolutely no need for you to give your wealth away to a stranger. Bring your valuable to us and we will exceed your expectations.


Gold Buyers to Avoid

Here is a quick list of establishments that are going to rip you off and pay you less than half the value of your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, and coins.

Bottom line is that all of the above listed establishements are only about thier profit margin and they require their employees to make at least a 100% profit every transaction. That means that you get paid less than half the value of your goods. Unless you are dealing directly with a real smelter or refiner, you are about to give away hundreds or thousands of dollars. We urge you to carfully evaluate whom you entrust your valuables to and always encourage you to come to us to get a real and obligation free evaluation of you valuables just so you have a trusted second opinion.

Deal directly with the companies owners

With the current precious metals markets setting new high pricing records almost daily, it is no wonder every where you turn someone is trying to take advantage of you. Our company is designed to put the interests of our clients first. So by choosing us, you are voting for yourself and electing to make a smart choice that provides you more wealth, knowledge, and satisfaction.


Don't get scammed
Predatory Gold Buyers will trick you and pay you less than half of what we will. Do not sell your gold until you've come to CT Gold Buyers® for a quick and hassle free evaluation so you can be certain you get the most money when selling gold and other valuables..

Sell directly to the refiner
You need to eliminate the middle man and come right to the refiner to get the biggest cash for your gold and precious metals. No one pays more for your gold than we can. We promise to always provide you with expert knowledge and accurate details so you can be certain you have received the best experience you possibly could have.