The silver market has been having a tough year so we step up to make it easy for you. We have a steady supply of pure silver we process daily and it is the one market we hedge so as your silver comes in, we leveridge potential losses by playing the market in the same fashion a hedge fund would. We buy silver for today's market prices, not tomorrows.

We are going to be the company you sell your silver to. In a sense, we are silversmiths at heart. Being located in a town where some of the countries greatest silversmiths were located, we feel like we owe it to our community. Alot of the early american silver jewelry and flatware we buy was manufactured just miles away from our facility.

When we design jewelry, we use silver to produce our prototypes and prepare them for the moldmaking process. All of the silver we use comes from the scrap sold at our locations.

Bring us any silver and we will negotiate an offer that will beat any other you may receive.



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