Refining is the process involved in bringing a selective element that is combined with other elements, back to it's elemental singular form, in my own words.


Refining is the act of returning an element back to a whole state free of impurities, again in my own words.


The refining of precious metals is dangerous and I do not recommend anyone attempt to do so, unless using the proper equipment and in full awareness of the dangerous chemicals and reactions that will occur.


As a Precious Metals refiner, I take appropriate steps to eliminate risk and use equipment recognized by the industry as neccessary and appropriate to handle expected and unexpected risks and outcomes of the processes undertaken when refining Gold, Silver, and PGM's.

I have taken study of the many processes and techniques available, and have honed my skills to achieve the best possible yield results, while using the least amount of Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, and other Lab Grade Chemicals. All processes in which these chemicals are used are done so under a Lab Hood that is vented to an activated carbon filter, and then thru a 5000 CFM Fume Scrubber with 4 Stages of Sprayers and Specially Designed Media that catches the knocked down fumes and transfers them to the Neutralizing Sodium Hyrdoxide and Water Holding Tank.


Additionally, during many of the reactions used to dissolve metals, I institue a closed loop distillation system coupled with a lab chiller that reduces vaporized acidic fumes back to a liquid, and returns them back to the reactive solution.


When reactions are completed, we take the neccessary steps to isolate and recover the valuable metals, and then neutralize the solutions, drop any additional metals, and then recycle the remaining PH7 water back into our lab processes.


As a refiner, I have spent the past decade learning and mastering these techniques and have an expanded capability in recovering valuable precious metals from most alloys and forms of scrap or waste.


If you have these types of materials, or even wish to purchase raw, refined metals in various states, please contact me directly,


Check this page frequently for images and videos of the processes and equipment used in our refining and recovery processes.


Joseph R. Candella


(203) 909-4347