our facility

Purchasing Office / Showroom:

We are designed to offer a unique, convenient, SAFE, and friendly selling experience

We want you to be comfortable and well informed when selling your valuable metals, coin, jewelry, and gems. We want you to have an eye on your items at all times so you can feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns about our process. Our scales our visible so you can see for yourself that your weights and calculations are determined properly. Our assay machine and gemstone jewelry cleaning equipment is all strategically placed so you are able to watch us handling your goods while we are evaluating them. You are never left in the dark and are part of the evaluation process 100%. You just might learn something that you can use when buying valuables in the future. Come and see how the professionals get the job done the right way. Come directly to the refiner to get top level payments and services that no one else in Connecticut dares ti offer.



Precious metals laboratory:

From accurately identifying and assaying precious metals, to completely refining them, we have the capability onsite.

Our laboratory is fully equipped with the latest technology along with traditional methods and equipment used by our industry to identify, grade, and process precious metals. This is our primary business and we cut no corners when it comes to being able to quickly and accurately process our clients materials. We have an X-Ray Flourescense Spectrometer that can qualitatively analyze all elements in a given sample as well as indentify the exact amount of each element contained within a specimen. We also have complete fire assay capability if you wish for a more traditional assay method. Our new 40,000 Watt Induction Melter is capable of melting hundreds of ounces of metal in just minutes as it is equipped with 3 crucible stations that can run simultaneously. We also recently aquired a 5000Cfm MetPro Fume Scrubber that removes corrosive fumes and odors associated with aqua regia refining and leaching processes.



diamond and gemstone laboratory:

We take Diamonds very seriously. Being able to accurately determine a gems characteristics leads to the right Price Per Carat.

We have Gem Microscopes, Polariscope, Refractometer, Spectrascope, Proportion Scope and Analyzer, Specific Gravity Scale, XRF Analyzer, Color Grading Masters, Diamond Color Analyzer, Fiber Option Lighting, Led Lighting, Halogen Lighting,Digital Refractometer, Short and Longwave Flourescent Black Lighting, and more..


When you bring your Diamond to sell to CT Gold Buyers®, you know you will get a complete analysis of all aspects of your stone. With the technology to enhance and even create diamonds, we our confident we have the equipment at our disposal to let you know exactly how good, or how bad your diamond is and then make very fair offers based on the current rappaport pricing guidelines. We are actively looking to buy all size and shape diamonds in the SI1 clarity range and near colorless to colorless diamonds, as well as fancy colors. From .001 carat up to 10 carats we are interested in your Diamonds


Videos and photos:
The following are videos and photos of our facility and representatives showing you how it's done.

Metling stuff is just cool. Melting valuable stuff is even cooler. Watch our new induction metler in action:. video coming soon

There is a whole nasty, smelly, and corrosive process to refining precious metals, Watch the breakdown without having to experience the strong and dangerous odors here. video coming soon

Lobby and showroom
Take a tour of our new location so you have an idea what to expect in advance.

Here are some exterior shots of our location, even from upstreet and downstreet angles so you now when you have arrived.