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We buy all types of world, us, and ancient coins. Bring in any coin you have as we will consider buying almost any coin, token, or paper money. Where most other coin dealers say no, we do our best to say yes!

Exchange Currency

If you have foreign currency and would like to exchange it for US Dollars, we can help. For Currently circulated banknotes, we typically offer 50-60% payout of its converted value in US Dollars. If you have out of cirulations banknotes, out of cirulation or in circulation coin, we may require you to leave the lot, depending on how large it is, to give us time to determine it's current value. It is a very time consuming process to sort through your bags of coins and then research if they are accepted by foreign banks as currency. Since the Euro has replaced many currencies in 2002, the period for exchanging old currencies for many European countries has expired and those currencies cannot be exchanged, but we may consider them for purchase to resell as collectible coins. Again, this process takes time and in order for us to consider them, they must be left for us to evaluate as we have spare time to do so. We are more than willing to attempt to exchange your leftover currency, but you must allow us time to get the job done.

How Do I Sell My Coins?

We suggest you sort out all of your coins by type, then in order by year. The next step is to sort them by condition. There are 3 primary categories for condition of a coin, they are: Circulated, About Uncirculated, and Uncirculated or Mint State. Either go to a library or bookstore or online to locate a current pricing guide to sort them out by rarity, for example; common coins and rare, low mintage coins. Additonally, ANACS publishes a book with photos of each coin in a specfic grade to assist you in determing the grade range. You may or may not be able to determine your coins condition with accuracy but if you at least have some idea of it's worth, you can then seek to have it graded professionally by NGC or PCGS or another coin grading service. You should have an idea of a coins retail value in the current market and that knowledge will allow you to sell your coins for higher values. Ebay is a good online resource if you review "sold" listings to determine a specific coins current market value.


We buy all types of bullion from Gold and Silver to Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and rare earth metals. We are paying anywhere from 90% to 98% of spot prices for Bullion Products. We do not pay 100% or higher for your bullion. We do not speculated and must maintain a reasonable profit margin as buying any precious metals products has a downside risk due to market volatility. If you are expecting full spot or a premium, there are companies online that you can ship your valuable bullion to and then hope they are honest and send you a check within a few weeks from when they receive your bullion. If you wish to sell your bullion today, then call us now (203) 535-0490

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