Use the calculator to determine how much CT Gold Buyers ™ pays you for your precious metals. Simply select the metal type, then enter the amount of weight and select the weight type. You can then either add the karat of the gold alloy or enter the purity of the primary metal. For example: 14K or 58.3.

Once you have finished your entry, click submit and the price we will pay you for your metals will be displayed. You can then click the "add to form" button to add that calculation to your CT Gold Offer to Buy page, which will display all of the metals you have entered and provide you a total offer price of all your materials combined. You can also print this form!

Keep in mind that the metals prices change almost constantly and the price we pay you is directly affected by the market price. If the index price changes from the time you create this form and when we receive your materials, your payout will be adjusted to the current market prices using the same formula the calculator uses.